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Critical Supply
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Vendor & Supplier Application
Supplier Information products’ end users are first responders, health care providers and essential workers. Our Company mission and values have been established to ensure quality products,reliable supply and overall confidence in the supply.

We have an industry leading collection, assessment and validation process for all potential suppliers, to ensure that our customers can rely products purchased.

Our supplier validation process includes screening questionnaires, entity and individual verification, supply chain traceability and regulatory review.

If you apply to become an authorised supplier we ask that you adhere to the same values that we do – safety, transparency, control and risk mangement. This provides our clients and vendors confidence in our supply chain and product delivery.
Supplier Verification
Verification process requires the following information:
Corporate information, including registered entity, authorized signatories and corresponding validating information
Reference checks for product supply
Product quality reports, testing reports,product images and manufacturer information
Regulatory certification and licenses and compliance reports
Factory, transport and storage information
Supplier Diligence
Key items considerations when reviewing supplier diligence:
Procedures to reduce AML exposure risk
Procedures to ensure no reputational risk
Verification and cross reference with any watchlists / trade restriction lists
Fully traceable supply chain
Fully licensed manufacturers, logistics, distribution and storage providers
Respectable corporate credit profile
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Document’s collected from potential suppliers for verification
Entity registration details & incorporation documents
Authorized signatory identification (verified)
Verified ID for office holders and executives
W9 form
Fee agreements with suppliers, broker & third parties
Product images
Product quality report
Product testing report
Licenses, registrations and certifications
Insurance policies held
Supply agreements for products
Location and detail on factory and manufacturer
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