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How the Platform Works

Safe and consistent access to products at fair rates
Vetted Suppliers & Purchasers
Approved stakeholders are granted purchase access to CriticalSupply.com real-time portal for frictionless ordering of a variety of PPE items
Self-Service & Concierge Solutions
Members can access real-time inventory levels and can order on-demand or connect with a concierge via text, email or chat
Global Distribution Facilities
To ensure stability in manufacturing and distribution, a group of like-minded bottlers are collaborating
Removing Barriers to Access
Through a transparent global supply chain
Order Comes in From Platform
Dispatched to Local Center
Order Gets Assembled
Order is Packed & Postaged
Order Sealed and Shipped
Delivered with Tracking
Platform Features
Centralized purchasing
Approved purchasers can order supplies to multiple offices with one-click
Deliver to multiple locations from the same interface
Centralized billing functionality for approved entities
Safe and consistent access to products at fair rates
Key Benefits
Make it easy for your employees to feel safe
Reduce lost time of chasing supplies per office
Eliminate PO management, billing and accounting costs
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